'Krismon' Acrylic on Canvas


This portrait is of a 20 year old male called Krismon. His life has been extremely hard and this is a very powerfull peice showing his struggle for life through his emotional expression and demeanor.

This painting is part of a project in collaboration with the Sumatran Orangutan Society, called 'A Painting for Life'.

50% of all proceeds will be donated directly to help preserve their precious rainforest habitats.

Original Artwork

An acrylic painting on a wooden frame with a deep wooden edge that is stained in a rich wood colour to compliment the painting.

This artwork is ready to hang directly onto the wall.

Size: 152cm x 92cm 5cm.

For enquiries about purchasing this painting please contact the artist with the name of the painting.

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Claire Thorogood is a portrait artist specialising in bringing out the spirit of her subject. Her work also includes custom commissioned portraits.