I was extremely honoured to see my portrait painting of the wonderful Haute Jewellery Designer ÉDÉENNE hanging at her exhibition at Sotherby’s, London. She is truly an inspirational woman, and it was a pleasure to capture her charisma, style and immense creativity using this loose expressive painting style. It was also a lovely opportunity to use white gold leaf to bring out the beauty of her jewellery pieces in this little study.

Thank you ÉDÉENNE for inspiring me!


100% DESIGN, Olympia London

The show in September was a great eye opener into the world of interior design and property development. I met lots of interesting creatives in the industry and I look forward to collaborating on some interesting project which will enable me to push the boundaries of my practice to another level.



It was great to show a selection of my work at Starfish and Coffee in North London. The space was perfect to get up close and personal to my emotional pieces and it was great to meet so many interesting people.

See the painting amongst the images below of the cafe in full swing!


A  Painting  for  Life





Painting live at crufts on channel 4 TV


Crufts   Podcast  2018


A r t   F o r   I n t e r i o r s


S t o r y   o f   a   P a i n t i n g


J o i n   m e   o n   I n s t a g r a m